Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home Stretch...

School is out in two days! Woo!

Um, wait a minute, am I supposed to be excited about this? Hmmmm, let me think really hard about that one.

Okay. I get it now. What was I thinking? School is out in two days! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!


Okay this his highly annoying. Every morning when I sit down to blog, my blinds are closed, but the sun is shining right through the crack in the slats made by the thread holes-- and a ray of sun always shines RIGHT into my eyes. If I lean to the left or right, it's fine, but if I sit normal--BLINDING SUN. Sheesh!

EVERYONE was mowing their lawns yesterday, it was quite funny. We had sun most of the day, and it was a balmy 80-ish degrees. Today will be sunny too, and then we're having "strong" thunderstorms for the next few days.

That's just fine, as long as it doesn't rain today, I have a year-end picnic I am going to for Thing Three's class.
I've got sunscreen and a hat for the baby. He loves being outdoors--but hates the sun in his eyes. Normally he pulls a hat off the moment I put it on his head, but when he realizes he can see better and the blinding sun is out of his eyes, he keeps the hat on. Smart kid.

He's so fun right now. Whenever he sees flowers he stretches his hand out and says "Pretty!" He wants to touch. So I carry him over and he "touches" (but very gently), and he giggles. It's a little game we play.

Okay, yeah, I know, but he's a baby and I think it's adorable. :-)

So back to mowing the lawn--I had to do it twice again, and it took forever. And I am the Freckle Queen right now. The sun always brings them out. Even when I wear 45, like I did yesterday.

Gotta be good to my skin.

Time to run!


Michelle Miles said...

Aw! What a sweet baby!!

Hope you have dry weather for the picnic today :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a redhead. Freckles are a way of life. I even have them on my TOES and ELBOWS. It's funny.

Neutrogena makes an SPF 80. I use the SPF 70 and it keeps most of the damage at bay, I think. That and a wide-brimmed hat.