Monday, June 16, 2008

ELUSIVE Fu Panda...

This weekend really kicked my butt. (Heh heh, you like my fitting image?) But seriously, Saturday was just a big mess of yardwork and getting ready for barbeque guests and cleaning. No Kung Fu Panda. My kids are fine, though. They understand sometimes you just get busy. Next weekend will be "Movie Weekend" for us. :-)

But at least Hubby and I got to escape for a few hours at night and FINALLY see INDY.

I loved it. *SPOILERS AHEAD!*

Sure, I thought the "Alien Theme" was a bit strange (and I honestly think it's the reason most people who didn't like the movie didn't like it) and not "typical" Indy, but it was still a fun romp, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing old characters in play again. Sure, Indy should realistically be in a hospital in a deep coma with a full-body cast after the beatings he got from the communist thug-- and YET AGAIN they found a super cool ancient civilization ONLY TO HAVE IT DESTROYED IN THE END (which makes me crazy!!!) but you just have to roll with it, and enjoy it. I was sad because I felt Cate Blanchett's character was underdeveloped, but hey, this is Indiana Jones, not some deep psychological thriller, you know? She did a fabulous job with the material given her.

I thought the introduction of Mutt was fun, but the "Almost Changing Of The Hat" at the end gave me hope that maybe Harrison will do yet one more film? He's not quite ready to hang up the whip and hat???

A girl can hope!

We're bummed out today--the kids and I planned a walk every morning outside after breakfast, but this morning-- if it's 50 degrees I'd be surprised. And it's WINDY. I'm not taking the baby out in that. He's already got a cold. But Tennis lessons start today, and Thing One has her softball game. We were rained out last week and all her games were cancelled, so hopefully everything has dried up enough to play on.

Time to get the garbage out! Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons the alien theme bothered me less than it bothered others was because, at the period in which this was set, that was a big deal and lots of theories flying around about it. Also, during the time Lucas was in college, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS (along the same lines as the plot, but marketed as non-fiction) was HUGE.

Go back and read my notes on it and see if you agree! ;)

Lara said...

You know what, Devon? You're absolutely right. The whole "they have us seeing Commies in our soup" and Alien themes were very appropriate for 1957. I think people's knee-jerk reaction was to not like the plot, because it was different.

I just hope there's more to come!

wfbdoglover said...

I skipped your part about Indy. I haven't seen that movie yet, but I did see Kung Fu Panda on Friday. I did enjoy it. Hope you do too.

Michelle Miles said...

I thought the alien thing was downright silly - but very appropriate for the time period of the movie. And, techanically, it wasn't destroyed... they just flew away! haha

Anonymous said...

Darn it, Michelle beat me to what I was going to say! Anyway..Kung Fo Panda was a hoot. I don't normally like jack black, but this movie made me giggle. Glad to know you guys survived last week. Oh, and mom forgot to bring the present when she picked me up yesterday, but I'll get it soon!