Thursday, June 05, 2008


Well, I should have cut the grass yesterday. I felt it at 5pm and it was wet, so I figured I'd do it today. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

It's currently thunderstorming, we're under Flood Watch, Tornado Watch, and a huge crack of lightning directly above our house woke us all up at 6:30 this morning--nature's alarm, apparently.

I just looked at the weather. Thunderstorms for the next seven days. WTH??? How am I ever going to mow the lawn? It's going to get so long we'll have to pay to have it done--and they are charging us $85 per mow now. YUCK.

What can you do? At least we're at the top of the hill. There's this one poor house, at the bottom of the hill, that gets everyone's water and every time it rains, they end up with a lake in their front yard. And it takes a good week or two to pump out all the water and dry it up. They are going to flood, after seven days of rain!

I wonder if the softball games will be cancelled? Thing One had her game last night; she had TWO home runs (go Thing One!) and she was really happy about them. They are still pitching with a machine, because the girls aren't adept at fastpitch yet. She is really enjoying herself, even more so than when she was in soccer. And I got her into a Volleyball camp this summer, too. She's tall, so I think it will be good for her.

I got a big old goose-egg in for the writing yesterday. I was researching, mostly, and I promised Thing One it would be Movie Night. Her movie of choice? Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. Yeah, of course now she's violently in love with Josh Duhamel (I don't mind looking at him myself!) which is a little better than her last "love"--Gerard Butler, who is OLDER than her father, but I digress...

Today is a cleaning day. I'm not going anywhere in this rain (just a Girl Scout Bridging ceremony later tonight) so it will be a cleaning day. Woo Hoo. Fun Fun Fun.

A Thrilling Day. Thank heaven my shoulder is better.

Oh, and good news with the baby! His hips are right where they should be, and he doesn't have to go back for X-rays for a whole YEAR. Hooray! We've been praying to hear that, I tell you. :-)


Anonymous said...

$85/mow? How big is your lot? It must be acreage, right? When our grass gets too long, we just do a double mow: once with the blade set really high, then the next time a big lower. Then a few days and lower the blade again.

7 days of thunderstorms? ::shudder::

Where is Summer? HUH?

Lara said...

We have a one acre lot. That's a good idea, but I've been mowing on the highest setting as it is!

Hmmm....I'm going to see if it ever breaks. Then I'll be out there!

wfbdoglover said...

I was going to say what Amy said... double mow.. :)

Growing up we had one acre and we had to bag it!! I remember having to help my dad.

Then we got a riding lawnmower and they stopped taking the grass bags - thank goodness!

Michelle Miles said...

hehe Gerard is our age, dear. ;) He just looks older than that becuase he smokes Marlboro Red. When I was 9, I was madly in love with Harrison Ford - and he's 30 years my senior!! LOL

Send some of that rain our way, will ya! It's HOT and HUMID here...