Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, while I was blogging yesterday morning about my "Pit of Hell Smell" woes (thanks by the way, for all the comments and suggestions everyone!) Thing One was itching to show me something.

Now, she KNOWS that when Mommy is blogging or writing, there is an invisible "Do Not Disturb Unless The House Is On Fire Or The Baby Is Choking" sign hanging above my head. She knows this. Yet, she kept interrupting the whole ten minutes: "Mom are you done yet? Mom I need to show you this!!!"

I finally hit "publish" and pushed away from the desk and said "Ok- what is it?" And she proceeded to plop a small, thick envelope in front of me.

"That's nice, dear."

"Open it, Mom."

"Is it a note?"

"It's Origami. So-and-so and I are really getting into it."

Thing One was most recently into Sudoku. Now, apparently, it's the Japanese art of paper-folding. So I opened the envelope. It was actually a single piece of paper, folded about 3548293 times in strategic places, to make a self-sealing envelope. I was impressed.
Next, she wanted to SHOW me how she did it. I wasn't really interested, but she was so excited about it, I let her.

Fifteen minutes and about eight pieces of paper later, we had made a bunch of little envelopes. I wanted to make more. It was fun! All I've ever been able to do before was make a drinking cup out of paper (which actually works!) and one of those pincer-things that look like pointy egg-cartons. That's it.

Origami is fun. Who would ever have thunk?

Today should be a busy day. The kids and I will have our morning walk after breakfast (heh heh, I make them RACE!) and then it will be mowing the lawn, tennis lessons, the store to get all the dumb things I forgot to get because I didn't take my list into the store with me, and finally, Thing One's softball game.

Maybe I can get Thing One to make me an origami magic wand? I'd wave it over the laundry, the guest room, the back basement....


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Sounds like you'll have a house full of art work by the end of the summer.

wfbdoglover said...

Can I borrow that sign of yours? Love the Origami!

Michelle Miles said...

That is so cute of her. heheh I can barely fold a paper airplane.

My kiddo was reading your blog with me. He saw your word-meter and said that 50.9 percent wasn't bad. ;)

Have a great day!

Aimee said...

The kids in Japan all sit quietly in the pews at church folding their origami. I think you should start a new Asian-inspired trend back in the States. Church will get much quieter...well, at least until some kid shouts, "No! I wanted the blue paper."

Lowa said...

My oldest was really into it about four or five years ago.

You could get her some cute kits that include paper and instructions for various things! I think Klutz makes some.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the origami phase. I remember it well. Both boys have gone through it.

The recycling bin never looked so good!

Um, if you get that magic wand, could you pass the instructions along....