Monday, December 19, 2005

Why Is It...

...that these things ALWAYS seem to happen right before you go on vacation? One of my ovens broke just as I needed to bake about 15 dozen Christmas cookies, I got a flat tire from pulling into my garage (calling card remnants of the construction workers I suppose--#@!*&!! NAILS) and I about passed out when they told me the cost for replacing ONE tire (AAACK!) and of course Thing One has had diahrrea for a week straight and I was chided by the nurse for giving her Ammodium because apparently it allows the virus to "fester" in the stomach rather than help. (Poor Thing One--she's been waking me up at 4am every morning crying because she's had to go to the bathroom ten times already).

AND--Hubby is in a wonky mood because he's on drugs for his chronic back pain. FUN for me. The doctors are baffled. So I think they're just throwing stuff at him to see if it works. UGH. Poor Hubby.

This morning Thing Three kicked Thing Two in the eye (not intentionally, thank heaven) and I have already had to give the little darling (this said with gritted teeth) about seven time-outs already and of course, in typical Lara Fashion, I (once again) missed the bottom step in the garage and fell into the freezer at 6am because I was nice enough to run and put gas in Hubby's car because he would have been late for a VERY important meeting, and I have ugly bruises on both shins. I came up with a new curse word too. (Actually it was more like a wail than a curse, but it had a satisfactory effect. I might have to use it again.)

Other than that, things are Spiffy. Just Spiffy. But I need some serious "me" time or I think I might be ready for the Men in White Coats soon.
I think I'll ditch the kids one afternoon and catch a matinee of Pride and Prejudice all by my onesy with a bucket of popcorn and a NON-diet on the edge, that's me!



The Ramblin Irishman said...

I think you woke up with a black cloud hanging over you. Made me blush when I heard that "wail" all the way out here. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I know what you hubby means about back pain and doctors. I have lost all faith in the new age doctors. Back and legs are why I am on disability. Pills, pills and more pills that is the battle cry. Have a nice day. ha ha ha ha

Lowa said...


I certainly hope you really DO take yourself to that movie and treat yourself to your non diet root beer. The simple pleasures, eh??

I went to see it the other day, by the way. Loved it. Love any version of it, I guess. Wish things could really be that way, though. I still also prefer Colin Firth, but this guy is better than nothing:)

Hope things improve for you!

Michelle Miles said...

You do need some "me" time. Get thee to the movies, girl! Hang in there and here's a big ole Texas {{HUG}}