Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Finished Memoirs of a Geisha last night. Couldn't put the durn thing down. It was so enthralling.
Of course now I have a sink full of dirty dishes and a sleep-deprived Hubby who goes around sarcastically grumbling "Just one more chapter, honey honest," under his breath--but it was worth it.

So, on to the Elves. Thing One (who is eight and actually has to defend her belief in Santa Claus to one or two of her classmates occasionally) is determined that we have Elves everywhere. This stems from a story Hubby told the kids a few years ago, about how an elite corp of Santa's Elves go around during the month of December leading up until Christmas Eve, spying on all children and reporting back to The Man whether they've been Naughty or Nice.

I thought the Elf story was ridiculous at the time, but it actually came in handy for when the kids were less than stellar on the behavior scale (I sure hope the Elves didn't see you stick your fingers in that cake Mommy made for tonight) etc..

Well, our kids (very excitedly) came and woke me up a few mornings ago, telling me that there were "Elf prints" in the snow. They dragged me down to the back windows of our house (the entire back half of our house is windows, we have a view of everything) and we could see "elf prints" everywhere, on the ground outside the windows (where they spy on kids) I told them and we could even see them on the roofs of nearby houses.
The kids have been on their best behavior lately, because they know for sure that Elves are spying on them. In fact, Thing Two has become a bit obsessed with being good for that reason.

Sure, I know it's bad, but we're having too much fun. I don't have the heart to tell them that we have some adventurous cats around the neighborhood. That would ruin the magic.

Thank heaven for the cats/Elves. They sure are making this holiday season fun.

Although Thing One is becoming VERY frustrated because she's always running around trying to catch an Elf in the act...


Ann said...

It was great to go back and read your blog - your family stories are hilarious! And so true. I really look forward to them.
And Memoirs of a Geisha was fantastic - I'm waiting for the movie with baited breath.

Michelle Miles said...

Cute story! I agree with Ann - I missed your blog!!

Lowa said...

I love it!

Can I borrow this idea??? My four are really struggling with attitude. Although, mainly it is the 13 and 10 year old, and unfortunately this would not work on them. LOL

They wraggled the truth out of us a few years back, I had so wanted them to believe for a bit longer. My Mom told me when I had just turned 5, before I even had a chance to have any memory of Christmas and REALLY believing.

Hope we get Elf updates. HOW PERFECT. Gotta love the neighbourhood felines:)

BTW, I am impressed you already found a church!??! WOW!