Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ah, The Holidays

Here I am, tapping my toes to a jazzy rendition of "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth"--which happens to be the hold music (estimated wait time--exceeding 20 minutes) for Kohl's.com. So I thought I'd blog in the meantime.

So, a few days ago, Hubby and I decide to order a Kitchenaid Mixer for his mom at Kohls.com. We tried to order it, but it said our Amex was "invalid." Hubby tried a few more times to order the item, and it said the same thing. So I tried a couple of times with my Target Visa (our one other credit card--for emergencies only) and it said the same thing about my card, so we knew it was just the website having technical difficulties. Of course Hubby kept trying to order the mixer every 15 minutes or so--he got the same error message, so we eventually gave up.

So Hubby called up Kohls.com and an operator helped him place the order. We were thinking "that's it, end of story."
Well, we called to verify the status of the order, and it turns out that we have EIGHT ORDERS for EIGHT KITCHENAID MIXERS at $250 each!!! We of course freaked out and called the customer service number, but it was on a loop so that if you actually got through there was a message that said "Thank you for calling Kohls. Goodbye." And HUNG UP ON US!!!

I don't think I've seen Hubby madder--(except maybe when I hit the side of the garage with his brand new black Lexus five years ago--leaving a white paint transfer on the front corner end that wouldn't come off) so I sort of backed away and went and tidied the kitchen.

So, he sent a scathing email to them, to which they replied this morning: "Sorry for the confusion--only one order was placed" etc. etc. ad nauseum, HOWEVER when I checked our credit cards lo and behold, they had been charged for all the charges.

SO, here I am, no longer tapping my toes, listening to "Oh Come all Ye Faithful" (THANKYOU KOHLS FOR AT LEAST NOT STOOPING TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!) and waiting, waiting and waiting to ask them why they lied.

This should be an interesting conversation.

But I am determined that today will be a BETTER day! I bought some finishing touches for our basement, which is turning into Hubby's retreat. We put in a bar and I am filling it with sports stuff. Hubby's favorite:

He's loving that one. That and a dartboard with an electronic "trash talking" feature that insults the dart thrower in a voice that sounds absurdly like one of Hubby's younger brothers--made us laugh for hours!

Well, I'm off to buy tons and tons of gift cards and such for Hubby's employees--he has a few too many people on his team, if you ask me! But it IS Christmas. A time for giving.

So, hopefully today will be good. I'll know when I get off the phone with Kohls.com. (I'm still on hold by the way--now listening to "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)



The Ramblin Irishman said...

Darn, here I thought some of us would be getting a mixer in the mail or something. Sure glad they were playing Christmas music or the conversation could really be INTERESTING. Have a great holiday.

Michelle Miles said...

OH GAW!!! I hope they get that straightened out PRONTO.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...