Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bitter Cold

Okay, it's just a tad cold here today. My car said it was -5 when I took the kids to school. The radio said with wind chill it was -15. LOVELY.
I spent nearly 10 minutes stuffing Things 1 and 2 in layers with their down coats and boots and thick scarves and gloves and hats and ultra-reinforced super-duper-full-body-armor-shields, etc. (Thing Two was resisting the whole way, it was similar to trying to dress an angry octopus)and when I was finished they resembled large lumps rather than children. But I don't care. It's too damn cold.

Thing One saw "elf footprints" everywhere on the way to school and so we had some fun with that. (And no, Laura, I don't mind at all if you use that story--I'm sure it's been told before now!)
Luckily the school doesn't let them outside if it's colder than 20 degrees, so I didn't have to worry about them freezing their booties off during recess.

My sister-in-law is flying in today. Rather, I flew her in for two days to help me. She's extremely obsessive/compulsive about cleaning and organizing (we're talking crazy O.C. here) and she volunteered to come here to help me unpack and get organized. She said "give me two days and I'll have it done."
So, I am very excited. I'm sure Hubby wishes I was obsessive/compulsive about cleaning, but I take the "relaxed" approach, as in "I'll do it later." Hubby goes around picking up behind me usually, shaking his head and chanting under his breath: "Lara messes it up, Hubby cleans it up." And after ten years of marriage, I don't care.

I scored a MAJOR coup on Ebay the other night. I got a black-leather bound 1898 ten-volume set of the works of Guy De Maupassant. For EIGHT dollars. I dont' think anyone even bid against me. What a treasure. You know what they say: Another person's trash...

I also scored the 2-vhs set of Young Catherine starring Vanessa Redgrave and Julia Ormond as Catherine. It's one of those shows they had on TNT a hundred years ago that had me swooning as a teenager--I guess I am feeling nostalgic.

Unfortunately, I promised Hubby that I won't do any more Ebaying for a while--he says it's a bit much and I agree. But there are always BOOKSTORES!! BWA ha ha ha ha ha!!! I still haven't made it to the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover (it's FOUR miles from my house!) but I will. Next week maybe. Things have been so crazy here!

Wish me luck driving to the airport. I am what you would call "directionally challenged" so I need specific instructions if I'm going somewhere for the first time. Luckily we have mountains now. Mountains are always to the West...


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Just read your blog and was pleased to read one that did not contain a bunch of sexual garbage, innuendos and was fun to read. If you want to read mine and make comments I don't mind. It is nice to know that there are others who live a hectic yet normal life.

Lowa said...

I know you will find your way there. You are brave, moving so far across the country!

Hearing about you bundling your kids up reminds me of my childhood in the prairies of Canada. FUN! For the kids, anyway:)

Have fun with the SIL. I know that will be great for both of you. When you have kids, you can't have things just the way you may like them.

It used to drive me nuts, when I was home with just two little ones, I vacuumed 3 times a day!?!? Finally realized that I spent B's entire first year cleaning the house and missed out on a lot. So now the place is a sty, but we are happy (besides when I "freak out" about it a few times a month) and have fun together. Before I know it, they will be gone and I can clean all I want. Good for you, I love that you left dishes in the sink and read. Go for it, I say!

It dawned me on I can't use the Elf thing...we have no snow:( DUH! Thanks anyway!