Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Whirlwind

You gotta hand it to my sister-in-law (for privacy's sake let's just call her "Julie").
Julie is staying with us until Friday night for the sole purpose of organizing and helping clean my house.
Well, she flew in last night and before we collapsed into bed at midnight, we (well, more like SHE) had completely cleaned and organized the master bedroom, Hubby's and my walk-in closets (we're talking MAJOR undertaking) the Master bathroom, the office, and six loads of laundry. Of course today we have about eight loads more, but we can do those as we clean.

So I've nicknamed Julie the "Whirlwind." She moves at the speed of sound (I think you can literally hear the sonic booms once in a while when she's working) and cleans everything in sight like the Speedy Cleaning Robot Machine she is.

I am starting to feel a little inadequate and inferior. She reassures me that it's an illness, and she is the worst person to set a standard by, because she's obsessed with cleaning, and cleaning quickly. (Apparently it's useless to compete with a person who has O.C.'s just not possible if you're...well, normal.)

So I am content to work at my "normal" pace while she runs circles around me and does a job in half an hour that would take me half a day. I'm very grateful to her, to be sure.

Okay but I'm still feeling a little dorky about it. She is making me look BAD...


Lowa said...

Will she come here to WA?? LOL

I am serious, last night hubby and I cleared a pathway through the stuff on the floor, so we could each get to our respective sides of the bed. Of course, then we had to add to the pile, by taking all the stuff I had set ON the bed during the day, onto the floor.

I don't understand where all this comes from or where to put it all??

I can imagine how you feel. Try to enjoy it and use ear plugs for the sonic booms:)

Lara said...

Ha ha! I'm just sad to no longer have "Mount Vesuvius" at the side of our bed!


Michelle Miles said...

How nice you have some help! Send her to my house when you're done. ;)

Cassaundra said...

You're comparing oranges to starfruit. Diffrent upbringings, diffrent illnesses. You can't attain perfection when perfection is a diffrent version for everyone, so in essence there is no such thing as "perfect" perfection. Change of habits are good, but it takes 30 days of continual habit change to make it work. You're not alone in the junk wars, and I too have "mount vesuvius" located in my bathroom, and I don't even have any kids, but also remember the space your working with is a lot larger to what your used to! *hugs*