Saturday, February 05, 2005

Roswell Mania and Temptation.

I've done some silly things in my life--and very recently to boot.
I watched the show "Roswell" (First season only) when it was on television a few years ago, but I never watched another episode beyond that. No second season, no third (and sadly final) season. I was just too darn busy, and too upset that Liz and Max were not meant to be together. (yes, I'm a bit of a romantic).

So, for some weird reason, lately I've been wondering what exactly happened to the trio from the distant planet (which became a quartet--but with human love triangles or quadrangles or octagons--I couldn't keep track).
Thanks to the magic that is Ebay, I had seasons one and two delivered at my door for about half the price of current retail (I recommend mint: viewed once) and I started watching a few days ago. Problem is, Real Life happens when you want to be doing something else, and I could only squeeze in a few shows a day.
Then hubby left for a business trip yesterday, and as soon as I got the kids off to school, I was determined to watch as many episodes as I possibly could, since I had no appointments until 4pm.
So I watched. I became reacquainted with Liz and Maria and Max and Michael and Isabel (yes, even the then-scrawny Colin Hanks who looks like the perfect Hybrid between his parents) and all their angst and soap-operish problems. And I became hopelessly drawn in. Even during the "stupid" epidsodes, where I found myself uncomfortably fast-forwarding during the silly and slightly embarrassing dream sequences, etc.
Here's where Temptation comes in: my one goal during these nights without hubby was supposed to be filled with WRITING, and not VIEWING. But now, I am tempted to spend my nights watching until the end of Season Two (I've just begun it and it ain't looking pretty) or until my DVD player melts, whichever comes first.
So I have to decide if Writing is more important than Viewing.

Dilemma. And a bloody difficult one at that.

The unfortunate hitch in all this is that Roswell, Season Three has not been officially released in the U.S. and I believe it won't be until June this year. I have found TONS of copies on Ebay, but they have are all from places like Hong Kong and Macau (with Chinese characters on them and they claim to be same as U.S. version) and I am afraid that if I buy one I'll put it into my DVD player and get only squiggly lines. Ah, decisions, decisions. Do I keep watching? Or do I kick myself in the head and get writing?

To be honest, Jason Behr's shirtless torso might be the deciding factor.


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