Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Doomed Diet...

Note to self: Stop watching Reality TV
After last night's episode of The Bachelorette, I have decided that Reality TV has officially gotten "old" for me.
Let me just call it right now: Jen is going for Jerry. No surprise there. I called it from the first episode, when she panted after his retreating back like a dog after their first introduction. (just a small hint right there). It's been Jerry all along, and she has only been going through the motions with everyone else. This is the first Bachelor-type show where the final choice has been so painfully obvious from the beginning, it seems almost moot to watch the fluff in between the first and last episodes. So, I call it now: Jen will choose Jerry. Any takers?

Now about my diet. I have been working out and eating healthy, but I have also decided that the marketers at the candy companies are minions of Satan. Of course it doesn't help having three big "Candy Holidays" in a row, the Christmas stuff was barely off the shelves when the Valentine chocolates made their appearance; now yesterday I went to get some last minute Valentine candy and was greeted with an ENTIRE AISLE of Easter candy. (No Valentine candy in sight except for about five bags of waxy chocolate stuffed into a small end corner with all the gross kitschy pink mugs and teddy bears no one wants).
So, my diet is now doomed. I have to stare at delectable easter candy (DAMN the makers of Cadbury mini eggs, FIE on the makers of Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs!) for the next month and a half, and it doesn't seem fair. Why can't all the candy holidays be at the END of the year, when we're not approaching the ever-dreaded Swimsuit Season?

Oh well, at least I'm lucky. Swimsuit Season in Wisconsin only lasts about 10.5 days. Then the blizzards start again. Harumph.

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