Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Inspiration and Spam

Wednesdays are boring. At least for me. I don't run around so much because Thing Three only has preschool on Mondays and Tuesdays at this point.
Hubby is coming home tonight, I will be glad to get a restful night's sleep. I am worn out.
I was in such a slump yesterday, but one of my writer friends had some questions about stuff I LOVE to talk about, different Eras in England, like Georgian, Regency, Victorian, etc. It snapped me right out of it (thanks Michelle!) and actually got me a little enthused about my current WIP.(Work in Progress if you're wondering).

I figure I need to just start working on it. My problem is I'm so worried about not being "historically accurate" and I finally realized that I could literally kill myself trying to get every little detail right for the period I'm writing in. I just need to relax, and write the story, and I can go back and add the little things in that make it true, LATER. The story is what matters, and I need to get it out while it's fresh and percolating in my brain.
So, quiet day today, the only thing annoying me so far is all the bloody SPAM I've been getting lately. Today I had 78 emails, ALL devoted entirely on making my "manhood rock hard in 20 minutes--guaranteed." (*Lara rolls her eyes*)

I think all Spammers (when they die) should bypass the Pearly Gates and go directly to the special place reserved for them--

...several floors down.

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Michelle Miles said...

I am so glad we chatted yesterday about Regencies and Georgians! I'm very excited about the new project. Planning to start doing some research. I may need to pick your brain some more (if that's okay!). :)