Friday, February 04, 2005

Feeling almost normal today

Today started out a little stressful--it always is right before my hubby goes on a business trip. But he's on the plane by now and I have six days of insomnia ahead of me, so I should get a bit of writing done. *wink*
Today got better though, one of my writer friends sold her novel at auction (congrats Sara!) and news like that always makes my day.
It's funny, after every rejection I get, I do a little soul-searching and re-evaluating, and I always come up with the same conclusion: Writing is my life. There is no greater satisfaction for me (other than looking at my adorable children-heh heh) than to be able to create characters who live and breathe, and have a story to tell. I can create worlds with a simple pen and sheet of paper--there honestly isn't anything much better than that for me.

So I write. I write every day if I can. My novel, a journal, this blog--I will continue to write and write and someday, even if I don't have a novel for sale at Barnes & Noble, and just have a handful of hand-stapled novels to read to my grandkids, at least I got to do what I love to do, and that's write. So I'll keep going, and I'll keep writing, and who knows, maybe I'll get lucky down the road. I'm already lucky in so many ways--so I am content to be doing what I'm doing for now.
Just writing.

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