Friday, February 25, 2005

Game Over, Whew!

Except for the boxes I need to ship out to distant relatives, the whole yearly juggernaut that is The Girl Scout Cookie Selling Event has finally come to an end. We survived unscathed, and I was happy to do the dirty work for my daughter's well-being and general status as one of the highest sellers in her troop. (Of course having hubby take the order form to work and getting 70% of the sales was definitely a plus!)
So it's done, the 15 boxes we bought ourselves (don't ask) are languishing in the freezer in the garage, and they don't really call my name except between 3 and 5pm. But even if they did start calling my name, it's too damn cold to go the whole length of the sub-zero degree three car garage and back, just to eat cookies that literally supply one's allotment of fat for an entire month in one serving.
Then again, frozen Thin Mints are quite good...

*SMACK!* Okay. I'm fine now....
So, happily, that's where they'll stay for a while. I can't afford to have them around anyway, since my hubby pulled a mindscramble on me last night and decided that he wants to go to Disneyland for Spring Break, in ONE month. Guess I better get back on that elliptical machine and treadmill I was so gangbusters about the week before last. Can't falter now!

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