Thursday, February 24, 2005

Cement Head

I am in the throes of a very nasty head cold. My husband got it yesterday, despite his liberal efforts with the Zycam and doses of Vitamin C.
This morning, at roughly 3am, he sat up in bed, announced that he couldn't breathe, and warned that he was about to go insane.
Now my husband is usually a workaholic Superman, but when he's sick, the cape and boots come off and he gets reduced to a superhero I refer to as Whining Man, who is incapable of leaving the sofa in front of the TV, and begs to be waited on hand and foot. It's almost like having a fourth child.
Of course in the spirit of wifely love I play along, because he's rarely sick and he has a major business trip next week, so we have to get him "healthy" for it. Let's just say I am SO looking forward to this weekend, catering to a sniffling, snorkeling, hacking slug. Especially since I am sick myself. Oh yipee, what joy.
(And yes, that would be sarcasm you're detecting.)

I guess one good thing that sprung from being awakened (very rudely I might add) at 3am, was that a new character popped into my head for my novel. My main heroine is very outspoken and cynical, and I realized that most seventeen year-old girls in 1890 were actually very submissive and quiet. She is NOT the norm. So I've decided that she is a product of her governess, Miss (so and so). Miss So-and-So is a forward-thinking, independent spinster, who raised my heroine and her brother from age six, and for ten years, molded them into little forward-thinking cynics like herself. When my heroine's mother discovered just exactly how forward-thinking Miss So-and-so really was, she dismissed her without hesitation.
So that is why my heroine is the way she is, and it makes sense now. I mulled the details over in my head from 3am to 6am. Maybe Advil Cold and Sinus stimulates the brain a little more than I thought?
Goodee, I'm going to go take some more. I have some serious writing to do today!


Michelle Miles said...

Hey, I was up at 3 am too! Isn't it wonderful when characters stand up and announce their presence? I love when that happens. :)

Ann said...

The story sounds great - and your characters sound fun. Maybe women were supposed to be submissive then - but I can't believe human nature has changed that much!