Monday, July 12, 2010

...the HECK???

So, I see a lady at the grocery store the other day, and she's dressed up, for church or work or something. I mean, she looks really put together. Power suit, accessorized impeccably, etc. Then, I see her feet. I am boggled. I am befuddled.

She's wearing black pumps. With white ankle socks.

Not the athletic kind, mind you, but the dressy, pretty, thin white anklet socks.

Is this a new trend? Is she bi-polar? Seriously, is this what people are starting to wear, now?

Still haven't figured it out. The only reason I worry is because I saw a girl at church yesterday with the same thing. Dress, black pumps, white ankle socks. I mean, are we revisiting the 80's, or WHAT???

Huh????? Someone please explain this for me.

Didn't go for driver's licenses on Friday. Hubby couldn't get out of work. So, we're going on Wednesday, early. Just in case any of you wondered. ;-)

Also, we are leaving Friday for our family reunion. Ten days in the woods. Woo Hoo. Bug spray. Check. Jeans and sweatshirts, check. Tons of money dumped on Family Picture Clothes we will wear maybe twice, check. Nasty attitude about certain family members, check. But isn't that what family is all about? We get together so all the women can compare weight loss, gripe about their lives, while the hubbies go golfing or whatever and by the third day none of us want to spend any time together. Yep. Family. Gotta love 'em.


I'm crabby this morning so I'll gracefully exit, now...


Michelle Miles said...

Um. REALLY on the sock thing?!? That's just wrong. I need to blog about that. LOL

Jennifer said...

I hope the reunion isn't as bad as all that!

Lowa said...

Wow, that sock thing is WEIRD.

I LOVE our family reunions and always look forward to them. I usually have to miss the ones I my Dad's side and the ones on my Mum's side only happen about every ten years or so. I have heard that some people complain about them and I have never understood it. We all have a blast! It is great to catch up and meet new kids who have been born into the family, etc etc. I am sorry you don't have a nice time at your's.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just a North Carolina/South Carolina thing. Weird!


Aimee said...

Well, we're just a bit north of you and I haven't seen anyone wearing pumps with socks. But it has also been 104 degrees, and most people aren't wearing any socks, or shoes (and we're wishing clothes were optional too it's so hot).

May that trend not come back! Yikes.

Devon Ellington said...

As a professional wardrobe person, the mental image of those white anklets in pumps makes me shudder and makes my stomach flip -- not in a good way.

Hope the reunion goes well.

When we have 60+ people at Thanksgiving -- I really enjoy them, but that one day a year is all I can take of everyone all together!