Thursday, July 15, 2010


You know the Tasmanian Devil? That little guy who is a whirlwind and he runs around growling and snarling and gnashing his teeth?

Yeah, that's me right now. Complete with Gnashing of Teeth. Safe to say, I'm on the last day I can pack for my vacation and it commences tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. I will be in a cabin in the mountains, so for the most part, I won't have cell reception. Because I have AT&T. And I don't even have cell reception in my HOUSE for Pete's sake, so it's a given I won't have it all the way up in the mountains. (Yeah, I figured that out all on my own, aren't you proud.)

So, the blog will resume on Monday July 26th. I hope. Unless I spontaneously combust/implode at some point from lack of Internet exposure. Help me...

Everyone have a happy week!!! I will miss you!!!



Michelle Miles said...

Have a good vacation!

Chris said...

Sounds to me like it's time to turn off all electronic devices and enjoy some time in the great outdoors! Maybe you need to get away from the internet and cell phones for a while. I sure remember what life was like without them!! A little less complicated.... Ha ya sis, we're old!!

Devon Ellington said...

have a great time.