Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hee Haw!

Okay, I couldn't think of a blog title, so I improvised. Yeah, stop rolling your eyes. I hope everyone had a happy Fourth!

I've got the first floor unpacked, and am moving onto the second floor this week. Today and tomorrow will be the master, and hopefully the gameroom will get done this week too. Then next week it will be the kids rooms (they've unpacked, I just need to help them organize) and we will be DONE. And then I can get some NORMAL back.

We saw Toy Story 3 yesterday, and I bawled like a baby at the end. DO NOT see this movie if you are in any sort of fragile state emotionally. It is wonderful, but sad sad sad.

Then we spent three hours at the pool, and like idiots, didn't reapply sunscreen halfway through. We are all burned beyond belief. DUH. I can't believe I didn't take ten minutes to put more sunscreen on. Hubby and me and the kids are all crispy critters today, except Thing Four, whom I sprayed liberally with SPF 50, twice. He has such fair skin I freak out over it. He's fine. The rest of us are all walking around wincing and wishing we could be naked. ;-) Clothes hurt.

Fireworks were awesome, barbecue was awesome, it was just a good family weekend and lots of fun. Now it's back to reality of course and I have 385635274 things to do again.

Such is life, right? We're busy busy busy busy and then we're not. Because we're dead. Sorry to be so morbid about it, but that's the way it goes.

Happy Tuesday Toast Day!!


Anonymous said...

Sunscreen! You must have it here, especially if they have fair skin. Also, I'd suggest a ball cap to keep the sun out of your hair. It's heck on the highlights.

Call me when you get settled.

Devon Ellington said...

Is Thing Four old enough to walk around laughing at you? ;)

Seriously, feel better soon.