Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Hydra.

Since I am a VERY amateur Greek Mythology enthusiast, I actually know what a Hydra is. Well, for those of you who aren't up on your Greek Monsters, the Hydra is a three-headed monster. (Or is it seven?) Nice, I know, but if you decide to chop off one of it's heads--TWO MORE grow back. Three heads become six. Six become twelve, etc. etc. So, basically, decapitation as a means of killing the Hydra is OUT.

Anyway, that's how I feel the unpacking is going. Like I'm chopping off Hydra heads right and left. Either that or my boxes are having babies. Because the more I unpack, the more there are. Maybe I should just shove all the boxes in the 150-degree attic and see if they survive. At least I'll be done unpacking.


Day Two of Horrid Sunburn was agonizing. Last night I couldn't sleep, because if I moved in my sleep, the pain would wake me up. I've been walking in the mornings with New Good Friend, and putting on a sports bra this morning was AGONY. I am such a dumb***. Seriously.

I've put a plan in place for me to start working on my writing again. I'm giving myself TWO weeks. Period. To have all the unpacking and frou-frouing (you're absolutely right, Devon, it takes time to make a room your own!) done, and then I will begin my querying/editing/writing again. I've missed it so much, it's like an appendage is absent or something.

It's a gorgeous day today, but it's supposed to be 100 degrees. And if I wasn't such a dumb*** and had actually RE-APPLIED sunscreen, we could go to the pool, because we wouldn't be sitting at home all sunburned and wishing we could go to the pool.

Oh well. Enjoy the day!


Devon Ellington said...

Feel better soon. Sunburns are awful. Aloe, aloe, aloe. Vitamin E and cucumber internally will also help.

The best way to get the initial unpacking done is to give yourself a deadline, like you would in writing, and then let the room develop over time.

Thinking of you!

Michelle Miles said...

ACK on the sunburn! Those are the worst and I've had a few in my time, so I can really empathsize.

I'm looking forward to you writing again. :)