Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Turtles and Tornadoes.

I guess I should clarify my comments yesterday about the Family Reunion. I don't loathe family reunions as a rule, it's just that this is my HUSBAND'S family, and there tends to be...what shall we call it...a little drama every time we get that many people together. I generally like my husband's family. Just not all at once. If that makes sense. ;-)

Yesterday was fun, my tornado-obsessed kids about went to the moon when we had thunderstorms and our county went under tornado warning. They were freaking out because we don't have a basement any more. We decided the coat closet under the stairs was probably the safest bet, and they wanted to hide in there but I told them they were being silly. North Carolina has probably seen it's fair share of tornado and thunderstorm warnings! Although I'm bummed there are supposed to be storms every day this week. I wanted to get the kids to the pool a few times so I could try and get a tan now that I've peeled. (Yucky, it was like shedding my skin!)

Well, as luck would have it, we didn't get hit by a tornado, but the kids went on the nature trail in our subdivision afterwards and came home with a turtle. They'd found him on the trail. It was more like a shell because he was probably terrified and hiding. They set him on the front lawn and tried to coax him out with lettuce and carrots, and he finally did after I called them all in to dinner (and made them WASH their hands up to their elbows!!!!) I went out to check on him and he was all the way out, and nibbling on the lettuce. After dinner I made them take him right back to where they found him. Not until after I asked them how they'd feel if someone kidnapped them from their house and put them in some strange place, did they understand. They wanted to keep him, but I shut that down real fast.

I have some good news! In two hours, we will no longer own our house in Wisconsin! Our buyers close on it today! Of course we had to wire over a million dollars to cover the negative equity yesterday (okay, not quite a million, but it felt like it!) and I almost threw up once the wire was complete, but at least we are done with the house and don't have to worry about anything concerning it any more. WHEW.

Okay I seriously need to get to Belk and get some family picture clothes! Or my name will be MUD. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Devon Ellington said...

good for you, making them put him back. I'm loosely affiliated with a marine rescue center up in MA, and to keep a turtle found in the wild alive in captivity takes special equipment and skills. The turtles one keeps in a tank at home are a different breed.

I bet he though the carrots and lettuce were a cool treat, though!

Just think of the peeled sunburn as shedding what's left of your Wisconsin skin and "renewed" into NC!