Friday, December 04, 2009

Kids are Snoops.

Thing One is the WORST snoop. She freely admits to searching the house for Christmas gifts. Thing Two is pretty much oblivious, but Thing THREE--well, he could give Thing One a run for her money in the "Snoop" department. This kid knows no boundaries. He will go into any room, and look through stuff. He's always asking me if he can have stuff he's "found."

And I'll retort, "Yeah sure, you mean you were snooping and 'FOUND' that in my desk drawer! No way!!!" etc. etc.

*sigh.* I'm sure it's payback time. When I was a kid, I was a snoop. I would go up to the attic and snoop through all the stuff up there. I'd go through my mom's craft stuff. I was a SNOOP too.

(You can stop grinning, Mom!)

ANYWAY, this year, I have them all thwarted. I've ordered everything ONLINE, and I'm shipping it to the house we're staying at for Christmas. HA! Take that, snoopy kids! Except Hubby's present. Like an idiot, I had it shipped here, thinking I could stick it in a suitcase or something. Um, it's HUGE. There's no way. So, I guess I have to spend more money and ship it again. Because Hubby is a "bit" of a snoop. He likes to know what his presents are, too.

I can't win.


Devon Ellington said...

But you're clever for shipping stuff to the house. Great idea!

The Bean Cassarole said...

I was totally a snoop too. I assume our dear brother had the same notions. Nothing was safe from us! lol :)

Chris said...

Yes, it runs in the! I don't think I was bad as you girls though! I remember one year hiding my Halloween candy in the best spot imaginable. There was no way it could found! Yet of course when I came home from school a lot of the good stuff was gone! I guess nothing was secret. ;P

Lara said...

That was SO not me. Look at your OTHER sister for that one!

The Bean Cassarole said...

You know, maybe you should also consider the parents on that one! Where do you think our sticky fingers came from?

And no, I deny the candy incident. ;)

Aimee said...

I wasn't so much a "snoop" but a "shaker." That is, until I shook a gift from a college roommate and it broke in its box. I am now a reformed shaker.

Lowa said...

I can't imagine snooping. I hated the idea of knowing what I would get. What fun is there in that? I had a friend who snooped and still does. She has her husband TELL her what he got her?? She knows before Christmas/Birthday what she is getting. I just can't imagine.

Once when I was about 12 my mother asked me to go and get something for her from her and Dad's closet. It was near Christmas time and I knew that was where they stashed stuff. I was panicked and begged her not to make me, I was terrified I would see something by mistake. She insisted things were well hidden and just grab whatever the item she needed was, right in plain view. Yeah right! What was right in plain view was bags and bags of gifts and I saw at first glance a few of what had to be mine (being the only girl in the family, they were quite obvious) and ran screaming back to the kitchen. She was annoyed, but went and got the item herself. I was SO SAD on Christmas morning when a few of my gifts were not surprises at all:( Totally ruined it for me!!

So clearly, I am the total opposite of you guys. It truly fascinates me, it must be genetics. Because my friend who always snooped and knew EVERYTHING she was getting, has three kids who do the exact same thing! Every year she thinks she has a better hiding spot but every year, they find them! And my kids totally panic at the thought and are worried they may accidentally see something!:)