Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I've Died and Gone to Heaven.

Why? Because I love Cherry Cobbler. But I hate the calories involved. But I like Yoplait. Especially their "thick and creamy" series. I discovered this tasty treat in the store, and since I like to sprinkle a little wheat germ on my yogurt--it really completes the effect. This 100-calorie yogurt (with a little wheat germ--this is key) tastes pretty much like this:
I kid you not. You need to try it for yourself. Mmmmm.

And that's all I'm blogging about today because I'm still sick. Boo.


The Bean Cassarole said...

Boo! Bad sickness!

I shall try that suggestion. My weakness is peach cobbler.

Oh, and I find it funny that the word verification today is "sugar". Seriously not kidding. :D

Anonymous said...

I looks delish!

Devon Ellington said...

It's tough to get me to eat yogurt, but I love the Yoplait whips. Maybe I'll get adventurous and try one of these others.

Feel better soon.