Friday, November 20, 2009

Star Trek and New Moon!

I've heard nothing but good things about New Moon, as in, it's LIGHT YEARS better than Twilight. Which is good, because Twilight was embarrassingly cheesy and lame.

If I wasn't taking care of a very sick, very clingy two-year old, I might have gone last night. I actually had the chance to go with some friends, but the tickets were completely gone. At least Thing One and I have tickets for tomorrow--reserved seating! Woo! I've heard the second movie is much better, bigger, and the actors seem to have "gotten it" this time around. Hooray!

I have half a Christmas tree up. Pathetic, I know. And fake pine needles everywhere. I will at least finish the tree today. And tonight should be fun. We're ordering pizza and watching Star Trek (I love love love LOVE it!). J.J. Abrams is awesome. He made a movie that I finally feel the same way I feel about movies like...Indiana Jones and Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. Nostalgic, engaging and just all around FUN! And I have to say I LOVE Chris Pine as Kirk. I fell for him when I watched "Princess Diaries 2" with Thing One. He's a cutie. And don't even get me started on how perfect Zachary Quinto is as Spock. And Karl Urban absolutely NAILS "Bones." Okay, as do Scotty and Uhura and Sulu and CHEKOV!!! Ha! They're all perfect!!!

Can't tell I love this movie, can you? *wink* I'm not a "Trekkie," but I grew up watching the show with my parents and I LOVED the movies. So I guess I'm "Trekkie Light." As in I "got" all the little nostalgic stuff and terminology in the movie.


I'll let you know what I think of New Moon on Monday. Tonight, it's all about a date with the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Devon Ellington said...

Sounds like things are going well!

Aimee said...

Even watching Star Trek on a little airplane screen, I was really crying (the embarrassing kind) within the first five minutes.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother...what have Dad and I done!? We're going to New Moon tonight and we'll be surrounded by screaming tweens. :-) There we will be, in all our senior gray haired glory...just us.

We watched star treck last night. Love it too! perfect pick for actors!

Lara said...

Gads, I know! I was SNOT-sobbing when he had 20 seconds left to talk to his wife! *WAAHHH!!*

Lowa said...

I am totally with you on the Star Trek stuff. LOVE IT!

And I was SO disgusted with Twilight that I am too scared to try New Moon. I didn't expect much from it, because I am not a fan of the books, but it was still most likely the WORST movie I have ever seen. I think the books are pretty bad (admittedly, I could barely get past the second one and gave up) but was curious to see what they did for the movie. BLECH! You are brave to try the second. Sounds like you enjoyed the books though, so that makes a diff.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the new Star Trek movie but as a die-hard fan, it was disconcerting to me in a few places. I don't want to post a spoiler so I won't say. LOL

As for New Moon. Feh. I don't get it.

Okay this frigging thing won't let me log in so FEH! again.