Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Thankful For...

Get your No Doz out, because this is quite a list: (In NO particular order)

--Healthy, beautiful children
--A Fantastic Husband
(I know, I could stop here, but...)

--The men and women who serve our country and keep our freedom (and us!) safe
--Friendship--I have some GREAT friends! (You know who you are!)
--Being an American
--My Faith
--Miracles (because they DO happen, people, with more regularity than you think!)
--My church calling
--A roof over our heads, clothes to wear and food to eat
--Classical music
--My health, and a healthy family
--A fairly drama-free existence (except when I go to visit the in-laws but that's only a few times a year!) ;-)
--Hobby Lobby
--Nice people
--Hugs and Kisses
--People in my kids' lives who influence them for good
--My Parents and siblings
--Pretty much everything

Yeah, okay, I copped out at the end. But I'm feeling particularly thankful this year. Hopefully all of you are too, while you enjoy great food with loved ones! Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

What a great list! Happy Thanksgiving.

Aimee said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sure wish I had a Hobby Lobby to be grateful for.