Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Being Calm.

Not sure what else I can be at this point. I'm on my fourth child with H1N1, and he's developed this barking cough that is NOT what the other kids have, so off to the doctor this morning we go.

I was up all night with him, because he would cry pitifully if I left him (he's two) and he begged me to sleep with him. Which I told him I'd do, because there's a queen bed in his room. Well, the little cherub kicked me and barked/coughed in my ear the ENTIRE night, and I had to get up every few hours to check his temp and give him medicine anyway, so NO SLEEP for me.

Thing Two, happily, is over the Swine Flu. His fever broke and he'll be back to school tomorrow. He's going to help me with the baby because I need a serious nap. He's ten, and he actually plays quite well with Thing Four, so that's good. The rate we're going, Thing Four should be better by Sunday or Monday, which means we'll be GERM FREE for Thanksgiving! We really want to invite a family over because it's just "us," but we suspect people might be afraid of germs or something. ;-)

Had a heart-attack moment yesterday, because our claim for Thing Three's 8-day icu stay came back denied. As in ZERO payment, ineligible for benefits, period. I called this morning and inquired (very politely) what happened, and apparently the biller at the hospital put my Husband down as the patient, and not Thing Three. Of course it was denied. So I called the hospital this morning and of course they apologized profusely and they're fixing it and resubmitting with the RIGHT name on the paperwork...

Yeah, we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Thank heaven we have great insurance, and thank heaven all my kids have survived this nasty H1N1.

We are in need of some serious holiday cheer--but I've been too tired to get the Christmas decorations up. Yes, there are people in my neighborhood working diligently on getting the lights up, and I know it's not even Thanksgiving, but I need some CHEER, dang it! I'm sure everyone I know thinks our house should just be raised and burned out and rebuilt or something--I mean, it would have been different if my kids all got the H1N1 at once, but has to be dragged out for FIVE STINKING WEEKS! (Okay, shut up Lara, you're thankful, you're grateful, shut up shut up SHUT UP!!!!) At this point I have the tree stand up, and that's it. Yep, that's really it.

Thing One and I have tickets to see New Moon this Saturday. I am excited, but I just hope I can keep my eyes open. I'll need one of those mack-truck sized cokes...


Aimee said...

I surely hope everyone is feeling great by Thanksgiving. There's nothing worse than not feeling good on a day where the food is awesome and company is fun. I, too, am looking for some holiday cheer. A muslim country is just about the worse place to be this time of year. One more week and our twinkly stuff will go up. The kids and I are chomping at the bit!

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry about all the illness.Have fun at New Moon with your cute girl and your giant coke.

Devon Ellington said...

I hope everything's okay with Thing Four soon!

Enjoy NEW MOON -- you'll perk up once it starts.

Yes, be grateful for insurance. Since I have none, if I get H1N1 this year, my choices are get better on my own or drop dead.

Michelle Miles said...

I hope the baby gets better soon! Sending you lots of well wishes!