Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Love Technology.

I seriously do. Technology rocks. We have come a long way. But I also believe my kids are SPOILED ROTTEN because of Technology.

For example: My daughter, Thing One, has an ipod Nano. She can watch movies and videos on it. She can RECORD VIDEO with it. She can get on the computer and with the push of a button, download any song she wants (until her giftcard runs out bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!) and listen to it and it's perfectly clear. Which I kinda resent. Why?

Cut to when *I* was twelve years old. Okay, seriously, no laughter, please--I had this stuffed dog, with a radio in it. (I had no other radio.) Yep. A dog, with two knobs on its underside--one for tuning and one for volume.

On weekends, I would tune in to Dick Clark's top 100 countdown, and I would sit, for HOURS in my room with the door closed, waiting for the songs I wanted with this stupid stuffed dog radio sitting next to a circa late 1970's cassete tape player on my desk. The tape player buttons were set to record, so as soon as Dick stopped yapping over the beginning of the song I wanted, I could hit the button and I would get my song recorded on tape, barring any outside noise. Noise as in, perhaps, me SNEEZING, or my stupid brother knocking on the door and yelling loudly: "LARA --MOM WANTS YOU!" (I was sad beyond sad when my taped version of Thompson Twins' "Lay Your Hands On me" had my brother's voice at the end saying "LAAAAARRAAAAA!" really loudly and the song abruptly cut out, because at that point I had to stop recording.) Boo.

Gone are the days of sitting at my desk waiting FOREVER and praying for quiet during the recording of my favorite songs. Nowadays, I just load up the ole' ipod. But I remember how it was when I was a kid. It kinda sucked.

This is why I love technology. For instance, my favorite "happy" ipod song right now is Owl City's "Fireflies." I bring my ipod in the car and hook it into the car stereo and voila--I get to hear it whenever I want! Take that, Dick Clark. ;-) I don't need you, any more!

*sigh* I love Technology!!! I can only wonder though, how my GRANDkids will be getting their music. They'll probably get it downloaded in their HEADS, and all they'll need to do is "think" of the song and immediately get it streaming into their brain, or something.

Okay, that sounds kind of scary. But I still love technology!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lara, thank you for my huge laugh for the day!! So THAT's what you were doing barricated in your room for hours! (typical for your age group) LOL LOL


Aimee said...

Let's see...just how many mix tapes did I make onto cassettes recorded directly from the radio? The first real tape I had was one my boss at work got for free from a radio station (I can't even think of the name of the group right now). So, my friend, you certainly weren't alone in your radio recordings. Maybe with the stuffed dog? But not the recording part.

Lowa said...

Funny you say this. My 14-year-old was just showing me what new techie things he wants for Christmas. I was saying how amazing things are now and how when his kids are showing HIM what they want, they will likely want the newest and latest chip embedded in their cheekbone and when they blink, it scrolls through the songs/videos they want. They will just watch videos in mid-air or something. So you and I were not far off from how we think things will be! LOL

I was just telling my kids the other day how I tape recorded Michael Jackson on the Grammies or whatever that time in the 80's. I had to sit in the Living Room in front of the TV and record with everyone there and my brothers and Dad complaining about how stupid it all was. I know JUST how you feel about when your brother ruined you recording your song.

Our kids have NO CLUE how good they have it!