Monday, November 16, 2009


And no, I'm not talking about the show, although I do love it. I am talking about the sheer glee I am feeling, over the fact that November is already half over and we haven't had any SNOW!! (Quick, where's some wood? ;-)
Hooray! Sure, it gets frosty in the mornings, but it's been in the 50's and 60's. Definitely NOT snow cold. Loving it!!
Of course now that I've blogged about it, you know what's bound to happen...

Had a good weekend. Well, as good as we can with a sick kiddo. Thing Two stayed in his room, but he's got the old NES system hooked up to a tv in his room and he's been playing Castlevania, Dracula's Curse and Simon's Quest. Not to mention the fact I have the original Super Marios Bros/Duck Hunt and SMB 2 & 3 and my personal fave: Paperboy. *sigh* I love my NES!
ANYWAY, I have two new favorite things. The first thing? My Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer:

I LOVE this thing! No more washing thermometers, no more sticking them in the mouth, armpit, rear end, you name it. I just turn it on, pop on a plastic ear guard, stick it gently in the ear and voila! I have a super accurate temp in SECONDS!! This pic shows celsius, but I have mine set to farenheit. It is SUPER easy and wonderful. Well worth the money.
My next favorite thing? I got an authentic Molcajete from Williams Sonoma. And I made the BEST fresh guacamole in it on Sunday: Here's a crappy picture I took with my cell phone. The lighting is terrible, but you get the general idea. I picked my molcajete up at the mall (didn't want to wait for one to ship in the mail) and it's a monster. It probably weighs about 13 pounds! But it's carved from volcanic rock, and it's authentic, so of course it's weighty. And it took FOREVER to season (grinding with rice) but was worth it. The Guac was delish. Yummmmm!!!
Today is surprisingly quiet. I have two kiddos at home, and basically I only have one dry-cleaner run and a grocery store trip. And basketball practice. Luckily my sickie is old enough to stay home by himself. :-)
I probably should get my driveway stakes up. Because it's going to snow. Because I blogged about how grateful I am it hasn't.

You know how it works.

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Devon Ellington said...

I collect mortars and pestles -- I have some I use for food and some I use to mix bath salts, incenses, etc. They're great.

The thermometer sounds fabulous, too.