Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazy Thursday. *Grin*

Yes, it's 8:45 and what have I already done today?

--Woke up (A feat in itself since Thing One ran downstairs at 2am because she'd had a nightmare--I had to go re-tuck her in and soothe her--shoot me now)
--Drove the kids to school
--lugged out the stroller and took the baby into school with said kids, to buy books for the school Book Fair
--Bought Books
--Back to the car and to the gas station because my car told me I only had 55 miles to go until I was empty. (oops!)
--Got Gas
--Mailed a package
--Ran to the Cleaners
--Dropped off a prescription refill
--Went to the bank
--Grabbed a bowl of Mini-Wheats and sat down at this computer.


I still have to mow the lawn (ONE last time!), run to the store, and go to parent/teacher conferences. Oh, and a basketball game, ACROSS town, later.

I'm loving it! Normal is good!


Michelle Miles said...

Glad all is right in Laraworld. :)

Devon Ellington said...

Glad things are back to busy/crazy/normal.