Friday, December 14, 2007

Stage Fright.

Status: Relatively calm, considering the list of crap I have to do before we go on vacation!

So I medicined up Thing One and she went last night. And she did AWESOME! You could tell she was a little stuffed up but that was it. She hit all her notes. I had the principal of the school lean in at one point and tell me that Thing One had the best voice and the most power in her voice in the entire program. Which of course made me very proud of her. :-)

I grew up in musical theater. I loved being in plays, and I do remember whenever I'd get sick, I always felt gosh awful but the SECOND I set a toe on stage, it was like I was perfectly healthy. I did my performance, and did it well, and then, after it was over, I fell apart and felt like crap again. This happened to me more than once. Mind over matter? Who knows. Perhaps that's what happened to Thing One last night. She overcame her Stage Fright. I never actually got stage fright (just normal jitters--you know, the kind that make your singing voice sound like a goat's at first) but when I got sick, and I performed, it was like magic, I felt great! I figured since it had happened to me, it would happen to her. I am glad I was right!

She actually feels a little better today (go figure) and I think nerves made her sick. But she does have a cold, so I'll give her some TLC.

Well, I've lost 14 pounds. I would like to lose about five more before Hawaii, so I'm going to overload on the cardio. I love how I feel much stronger. Yeah, go me!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Only TEN shopping days until Christmas!


Michelle Miles said...

I'm glad to hear she went and did so great!

And WOOHOO- Congrats on losing 10 pounds! YOU GO!

I'm off to the post office... ;)

Lowa said...

WOW! 14 lbs! That is AWESOME! Good for you:)

Are ALL of you going to Hawai'i or just you and hubby??

That is awesome about Thing One! I knew she could do it and now she won't have to live with any regret!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it went so well!

You're doing great with the weight loss!

Ann said...

Congrats on Thing one, and congrats on losing 14 pounds. Whew.

And Thing Four is absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

Major congrats all around, Lara!