Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Day.

Status: Feeling pretty dang awesome!

Granted, one of Hubby's New York Friends was over last night, and we talked until 1am, so I'm a little sleepy, but we got up this morning and while the kids were eating breakfast we realized that all the schools were closed.

We're under a major Ice storm warning. So Hubby waited a while to head off to work, and the kids and I have been playing. I am having fun with them home. We're all still in our jammies, and Thing One (she wants to be a chef, so I got her a little apron with her name on it) and I just finished making Oatmeal cookies, and we're all cozy in the house. Thing Four is entertaining us with his happy screams, and we're hanging out. Of course I have to run out and mail some things people won from me on Ebay, but the post office is literally a mile from my house, tops. So I'll just put the truck in 4-wheel drive and be fine.

I love cozy winter days home from school. Lots of hot cocoa and board games!

I just hope the power doesn't go out--that would sort of put a damper on things. But we have gas fireplaces, so at least we won't freeze!


Lowa said...

Glad you are having a good day! Imagine having those days all the time, like I get to!

My Clown LOVES board games. Any game, really. Cards, dice, etc. We get "Top Secret Adventures" from the Highlights magazine, you know?? They LOVE it and we spend hours learning about other countries. So we play like you get to today, and they also learn a lot. All the games is how my kids learn math. Monopoly and many more, they learned how to add and subtract, etc.

Good times! Hope you get more days like this:)

Lynn Sinclair said...

It is nice when there's a change in routine. And that feeling of being snug in one's own house--can't be beat.

Michelle Miles said...

Aw - I love snow days, too!