Monday, December 17, 2007

I Hate My Life.

That's my ten-year old daughter's new favorite thing to say. Well, today, she probably really does. Since she has an ear infection, a sore throat, a stuffed up head and pinkeye in both eyes.

Yup, we're going to the dr. first thing this morning.

I don't hate my life, but I am very tired. Thing Four was up screaming at 3am with teething issues (don't worry, he has TWO coming in and we get to fly on a plane for four hours in a few days---eeek) and he screamed and screamed while I frantically searched for the Infant Tylenol.

Murphy's Law: The louder and shriller a baby screams in pain, the less chance you have of finding pain relieving medicine quickly.

I searched for about five agonizing minutes until I realized we hadn't unpacked it from the last trip and it was still in the travel diaper bag.
Of course after I finally found it and dosed him, he decided he was going to scream with hunger until I fed him. I don't think I've made a bottle faster in my life. I have it down to under a minute, I kid you not.

Poor Hubby. He had to hold him while I searched for medicine/made a bottle. He's just as zombified as I am. He said this week is going to be the Week From Hell at work because he is leaving for two weeks vacation. Lots of things he has to do before he goes. Thus the Hell. My week will be from Hell too because of all the packing and errands and STUFF I have to do before we go, and having sick kids and Pinkeye in my house only makes for more work.

I hate my life too! But only this week. Then it will all magically come together and we're going to ENJOY ourselves on our vacation, dammit! If I have to hog-tie everyone and paint a smile on their faces with a Sharpie Marker.



Anonymous said...

You poor things. So sorry this week is so difficult.

Make sure your husband makes it clear that while he's on vacation he is NOT available for phone calls, emails, etc. If they can't do without him for two weeks, especially after all the organization he's doing, the company deserves to go down the tubes.

I didn't start the "I hate my life" until I was 14 -- but then it was bad for about a year. I'm absolutely convinced that nothing in this country sucks more than being a 14 year old girl.

Michelle Miles said...

Aw! Your poor babies! Hope she gets better before the trip. And she doesn't spread pink eye to her siblings.

I hate my life, too. But only becuase I make Retarded Financial Decisions. LOL

Lynn Sinclair said...

Yikes! Had I not been reading your blog for quite some time, I'd be worried that, with everything happening, you wouldn't be able to get ready for your trip. But I know better now--somehow, miracle worker that you are, it'll all come together.

Hope your daughter feels better soon. If she's still stuffed up when you leave, make sure you give her something to clear her sinuses for the plane. And take the pink eye drops with you--just in case.