Friday, December 07, 2007


WARNING: I'm having a "Crap" day.

You know, we all have those. I am in the middle of what could be the CRAPPIEST mood, in the CRAPPIEST weather, ever. My house is full of Crap. (Laundry piles everywhere, I'm sorting.) I just came home from Thing Three's First Grade Holiday Concert, and there were NO crapping parking spaces at that Crappy School. Even the tiny cookie I nibbled on afterwards tasted like Crap.

Thing Four is teething again, and he feels like Crap. I started writing last night, and stopped, because what I wrote was utter Crap. I have to get into my Crappy car (looks like it had a run-in with a Flocking machine again) and drive on the Crappy roads to get a present for a party because I'm a Crappy Procrastinator and I don't want to go. And my breakfast tasted like Crap, too, by the way.

So now, I feel like Crap. Oh, and Thing Four crapped all over the bed while I was changing him.

What a Craptastic Day.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. I hope your day gets better, and that today was your quota of crap for the season!

Anonymous said...

Oh CRAP, Lara! You are TOO funny!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully your day will get better. It can't get worse, right.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Well, that's just crappy. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to crap days--they just come and go as they please. Hope your crap day goes soon.

Ann said...

Crapola. Hope the weekend is less crap and more fun (although I think the weather will only get crappier!)

Michelle Miles said...

hehehe Okay - I'm sorry - but I'm giggling. I hope your day got better!!