Monday, December 10, 2007


Status: Tired, stressed, Holiday cheer-ish...

We are officially DONE with Christmas gifts. I do need to handmake cards for Hubby's work people, but that's about it. Now I have to send out a bunch of stuff and we're offically done. It's a great feeling.

Had a stressful weekend. Not as Craptastic as Friday (which was a really really really LAME day) but with the Christmas party and Church stuff and planning our "itinerary" for Hawaii there wasn't much time to breathe. My house looks like it was hit by a Level 4 Tornado inside. Mondays are always dumb that way. Cleaning up all the stuff I didn't do during the weekend. The kids are SO going to have chores upon chores when they get home from school. I bet they'll love that.

I'm attempting to be "Green" lately. I know, I'm a total bandwagonner, but I will say I've been recycling for YEARS. So I've been enviro-conscious for a while. Except for my truck. I have a big 'ole Ford Expedition, and it's a gas guzzler, and it's my only holdout. Besides, you can't fit a family of six in a Prius (two of them needing to be in car seats), you know? And since we're adding one more to our family in a year or two (and yes, we will be done after that) we will have seven. And frankly, I need a big car. But I will say the day they come out with a Hybrid Expedition or similar-sized car, I'll be on the list for one!

Anyway, my point to the green thing: I'm giving up one of my most convenient "vices:" DISPOSABLE TABLEWARE. I am the queen of disposable. I have put all my glasses and china in the UPPER cabinets, in the lower cabinets you will find plastic/paper cups, plates, bowls. In my silverware drawer I have tons of plastic disposable utensils. We go through about two packs a week.
NOT ANYMORE. I let us use up the disposable stuff, and we're using *GASP* real china bowls and real glass cups and etc. etc. etc. I will just wash a lot more dishes.

We're going to try it for a while. Plus, it will save $$. If the kids have a glass they use all day for water, instead of using up, say, 5-6 disposable cups a day, that all adds up after a while. So, we're going to TRY. I don't like having dishes in the sink. They're stinky and ugly and just YUCK. Dishes you throw away after eating are the BOMB. So this new order will be tricky. I've already fished a couple of stainless steel forks and spoons out of the garbage (and yelled at my kids at the top of my lungs) so it will take some time to remember we can't throw stuff away anymore.

How long do you think it will last? I don't dare say.

Eeek! Time to get the garbage set out! We woke up late this morning so the kids didn't have time to do it. And I didn't make them. That's what I get!


Anonymous said...

Adding one more to your family??? Congratulations, all around!!!


Anonymous said...

You can pick up inexpensive daily china in either a thrift store or at something like Pier 1, so then it won't hurt so much when something breaks. And not all china found in thrift shops is dangerous.

I hate disposable dishes -- I like to use real plates, etc. I collect china, so I figure if I've got it, it's worth using it ON ME. But then, I don't have kids, which is a whole different ball game.

I also hate dishes in the sink, and I don't have a dishwasher, so the rule in the house is if you use it, wash it right away.

There's an old wives' tale that says if you can't sleep, check the sink. The dirty dishes are calling!

I just saw an ad for a new hybrid SUV that can carry like 7-8 -- darned if I can remember what it is. I'll keep an eye out and let you know next time I see it.

My Rabbit gets great mileage, etc. , but it's not a hybrid. When VW designs a good hybrid, then I'll go hybrid. But I love my blue bunny right now.

Good luck on the cleaning!

Lara said...

OH, NO NO NO NO NO NO, Auntie! I am not pregnant! We PLAN on adding to the family...two years from now...

:-) Sorry if that came out wrong!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Lara, you had me wondering.


Michelle Miles said...

Darling, that's what dishwashers are for. ;)