Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!

Today has started out great. It's Thing Three's Birthday, too. Happy Seventh Birthday, Thing Three!!!
Of course when I asked him what he wants for his birthday dinner, he wanted MACDONALD'S. Big surprise there. So that's what we'll get him. I'll have to pass, though. Hawaii is in three weeks!

Hubby leaves tomorrow for Minneapolis, but this morning he had a Dr's appointment, so we got to spend the first part of the day together, with just Thing Four. We had a good breakfast, worked out, and played with the baby. And by some sheer happenstance, his work server was down so he wasn't receiving calls or emails on his Blackberry every 30 seconds like he usually is.

It was calm and quiet bliss! :-)

But now he's gone and I have to run a million places. I bought Season One of "BONES" (it looks really good!) and I feel guilty so I'm taking it back. I guess I could rent it instead, because I have a card with tons of free rentals on it still. Gotta be frugal now!

And I'm baking a cake for tonight. Not buying one. Go me.

I had a small "emergency" with the cake, because Thing Three said he wanted a "Legend of Zelda" cake. This was YESTERDAY that he informed me. So I wracked my brain, searched the internet, and since "Link Cakes" aren't even orderable in twelve hours, I decided to improvise. I am making a plain yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and I printed out some Link figures and the Zelda logo, laminated them and cut them out. After I frost the cake, I'm just going to "set them on top" so it will be Zelda-themed. We'll just have to make sure to take the decorations off before we cut it.

So, am I being A) Desperate and weird or B) Crafty and Cool? You tell me.

I'm doing it anyway. I'll post pics later. Time to run some errands!

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