Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I got on the computer this morning and saw my counter. Could it be? Ten thousand views of my blog? I would think it was mostly me, but I have a blocking cookie on my IP address. Wow--I guess some people DO read my blog! ;-)

Couldn't start my schedules yesterday, because I had my brother in-law to entertain (he came for the can we say it--MAJOR DISAPPOINTING Bronco's game) and after getting all three Things ready for school and marching them inside (about ten minutes late) the office staff laughed at me and told me there wasn't any school.
And of course I immediately remembered that there wasn't any school, I had just forgotten, like usual. At least they were nice and reassured me I wasn't the only parent who had done that that morning.
As we were leaving, my daughter said "Oh, that was SO embarrassing!" I assured her that I was going to do plenty more embarrassing things to her before she left for college, and to get used to it.
That's our job, as parents, isn't it? To embarrass our kids? I remember my dad when he picked me up from High school once he sat in our car and honked and honked, not stopping until I was grasping the door handle. Yes, I wanted to die of mortification, but that was just my Dad. And when a boy (whom I'd had a crush on forever) asked my dad if he could take me out, he looked at him disdainfully and said: "NO!" And he wasn't joking.
Granted, my dad was just particularly obnoxious at times, but I know that one day my boys aren't going to want to hold my hand anymore, and my daughter is going to want me to drop her off two blocks from school--it's inevitable. And it makes me sad.

I have a goal of 5000 words this week--but it might get cut short by the need for some research. I'd hate to formulate a whole storyline and then have to axe it because it's not historically accurate. By the way, I made a KEY find at Barnes & Noble the other day, titled THE TIMECHART HISTORY OF THE WORLD, and it's this big huge fold-out time table, which is perfect for the time-travel novels I'm writing.

Well, the kiddos DO have school this morning, so I'd better run. (And yes, Rambling Irishman, R.S. does mean something to me.)

Have a good Tuesday, all!


The Ramblin Irishman said...

You know I made the comment Sunday that there are people who speak a language different from all races, cultures and etc. I think you know what I mean now. Glad to see someone with true values on the blog. I enjoy your blogs and like to read them each day or whenever you post them. The Monday school thing sounds like something my wife and I did many years ago. It is a sign of "Old Timers" disease so be careful.:)

Lowa said...

When I had my kids in public school, the same thing happened to me various times. I have no patience for it and that is yet ANOTHER reason I am so glad they are all home and I don't need to deal with all those kinds of things anymore:) LOL It is SUCH a relief and so much easier this way.

I enjoy your blogs too. I think your's is the first one I found way back last spring and it is one of the first ones I check every day. I am often sad when there is no new one.

You are the one who encouraged me to have one of my own, when I asked advice about my daughter's hair:) So I am slowly getting there, even though I don't have the time to devote to it that I want to.

Have a great day!

Ann said...

This blog is great - can't blame the multi-thousand visitors for checking in!