Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I walked into the basement last night to tell the kids it was time to get into their jammies, and instead of playing Gamecube or watching a movie or playing with toys, they were all sitting in a row on the sofa, each of their noses buried in a book. (Thing Three was looking at a picture book because he can't read yet but it was still cute!)

I love that my kids love to read--I used to get caught up in books so intently I would shut out the world around me. In fact, I distinctly remember one time in fourth grade, it was "book time" just before recess, and I found a book that was really good, and I was dimly aware of activity around me as I read, but when I looked up from the book the classroom was semi-dark and empty, and everyone else was already outside at recess. I was completely alone.
I hadn't even noticed--I was so absorbed in my book! I've always remembered that, for some reason, because it was so weird.

Got my copy of Catherine the Great by Henri Troyat in the mail yesterday--it's not really for research, I'm just fascinated by her. Of course I added it to the growing pile of "must reads."--My schedules don't allow for reading, unless I do it at night or during my writing time, which is precious and I don't want to waste it.

I tried to enter a magazine contest yesterday --the prize is a trip to England and a Jane Austen tour, but when I tried to submit it froze up. I tried three times and gave up. Oh well. Fate was just against me yesterday. I'm bummed. Not that I'll win, but hey, there's chance in everything, right? :-)

I am having a breakthrough with my Emma story. I think I finally figured out how to make it work. It's very exciting, although I have to kill off some people. Killing people off is never fun, but a necessary evil, I think. But that's the fun thing about writing. You can kill off as many people as you like, and never get in trouble for it! (Okay, that sure came out wrong!)



Lowa said...

That is awesome about your kids! Our oldest is that way. But he can also sometimes know what is going on around him if need be. If need be, mind you. I actually have to take books from him sometimes. I hate to do it, but he is constantly walking around the house with his nose in a book, trying to clean bathrooms, eat or unload the dishwasher all while holding a book. It pains him to put one down, he would rather read than do ANYTHING else.

When he was in public school, for some reason he was the only one allowed to be reading a book as the teacher presented something. He was actually reading, but when she would call on him, he would answer her correctly without even looking up at her! I thought it was rude, but she was so enthralled, she kept allowing it to happen. He loves reading so much that by the time he was seven, was reading at a college level. Not only speed, but comprehension.

I try to spend time every day reading out loud to them all. He is the only one who really enjoys it! After a few chapters, even if it is REALLY enjoyable, the middle two ask if they can go outside now and the baby girl asks to watch a Princess movie!??! He and I look at each other like "what planet did you freaks come from!?!?!" LOL

The Ramblin Irishman said...

When we had children we would not turn off the tv but would just start reading or doing something other than watching tv. Pretty quick the kids were right there with us doing the same thing. If we had asked them to turn off the tv and read they would have thrown a hissy fit.

I am like you. If I find a book that I am truly engrossed in I can shut out the world. If fact I hate it when my wife calls me to dinner or something of that nature because it interrupts my (what is the word for engrossment) whatever in the story.

Is the book about Emma Smith or just Emma?

Lara said...

RE: Emma Smith:
Funny you should ask--but no. Emma is just a name I have always liked--this particular Emma is a ten-year old archaeologist-in-the-making, and has lots of adventures.

Debra Young said...

Hey Lara! Just catching up.
"You can kill off as many people as you like, and never get in trouble for it! (Okay, that sure came out wrong!)" LOL, d:)