Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bit by a Bug...

Whew--my schedule got shot to heck yesterday, because I got inspired to gather as much research and info as I could about a particular subject. I'll go so far as to say it's a frustrating subject, because there is little real proof or archaeological evidence that it did exist, yet I know in my heart that it did happen, and I feel compelled to learn more than the average information.

That said, I spent hours online and at a bookstore gathering material. What a challenge! There are so many people who claim there is proof, and so many people who claim the whole thing is just so much hooey. But I am going to write a story set during this particular time (I was thrilled to discover that Nora Roberts did the same in her novel "Birthright") and even though it will take me anywhere from 3-6 months of researching before I can even write a word, I am going to do it. It's been something I've been curious about my whole life--and it's about time I educated myself.

Those who know me can guess what its about, for now, I'm going to keep it under tha radar.

I fully intend to make smashing progress on Emma today, now that I've figured out what needs to be done. I'm not going to "kill off" the parents so much as just make them dead before the story begins.
Yes, I know--another orphan character, but the whole "her parents work for a top-secret branch of government" thing didn't hold up under scrutiny. I mean, she really has to be a dumb-a** NOT to know that "something" is up. And Emma is highly intelligent. How else is she going to solve all these mysteries? :-) So the parents had to go. And Emma has to be ten. Otherwise she wouldn't readily accept all the incredible things she's about to go through. Ten year olds aren't hardened by the world yet. They still daydream and believe in things--sure they hover on the cusp of Reality and the Grown-up World, but they are flexible enough to still be molded in one way or another.

I couldn't blog during my usual time this morning, because I was laying in bed and letting Thing One make cereal for everyone. Hubby kept me up late helping edit his business recaps (I don't know why he even thought he needed my help, they sounded great already) and I missed out on two and a half hours of precious sleep.
SO, the schedule is "off" today. I might pick up around noon and follow, but for now, I'm going to go cuddle up with Thing Three and watch Spongebob. I'm too tired to do much of anything else.

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Ann said...

Sounds like interesting changes! That would be great to see it when it is done!