Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back Home

Ahh, to be back in my own house, with the kids in school (except for Thing Three, who has preschool two days a week and has been pestering me every ten minutes to help him tear open/put batteries in/show him how to work another toy.)

And like a fool I finally told him YES, he could have his box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans that Santa put in his stocking (I have defiantly told my kids that I would never, EVER buy those icky things myself ) and nearly had to perform the Heimlich on him when he choked on a Rotten Egg flavored jelly bean, I think he thought that the nasty flavors weren't really...well...nasty. He's getting up the courage to try a Booger flavored one--I just roll my eyes and chalk it up to being a boy. YUCK. Who else would find Vomit-flavored candy funny? That is just wrong.

I am super excited. Santa gave me a new laptop for Christmas, so I'm on this one and have moved the older laptop to my bedroom. Now I have absolutely no excuse not to write.

And I will definitely be writing. My goal is to finish my Ellie novel in the next two months. About 50 thousand words. It will be hard, but I will do it.

And now I have to go, Thing Three is yelling that I absolutely MUST taste the Dirt-flavored jelly beans...I am hoping that they are significantly better than Sardine...



Michelle Miles said...

RE: Writing: ME TOO! I'm determined to finished my second novella by the end of February. Want to cheer each other on? ;)

Lara said...

Does the Pope wear a tall hat?