Saturday, January 28, 2006


I NEVER blog on weekends. Unless I have something particularly spectacular to say.

I really don't, but Hubby is in SLC and I'm going to be burning the midnight oil tonight, I'm too excited about this story to stop the wave that's carrying me as I write. Once I figured out the direction I was going with Emma, it has all just come so easy. I've written 6000 words between last night and this morning alone, and let me just say that it was 2pm before I finally got out of my jammies. ;-)

So I'm planning on a completely different angle for Book One, and I will use the Former Book One as Book Two, and change Emma's age to twelve. I haven't decided if I'm going to have her age with each book, or if she's going to be immortal like the Family Circus Cartoon, where they never grow up at all.

Growing up I loved reading the Trixie Belden books, but they were steeped in reality. I figured I would add elements of fantasy to my mystery-solving heroine. Right now for her next adventure I have to do some research on Chichen Itza--maybe I could talk Hubby into going there for our ten-year anniversary so we can see the ruins, and I can do some hands-on research! All those ruins have so much mystery surrounding them, there's definitely room for an adventure or two!

Not only that, but going to Mexico I could do additional research for the Story I'm Keeping Under The Radar. I'm a little nervous to write it, but I'm going to get some courage and just do it. But that's not for a while, I'm going to focus full-force on Emma for now.

The kids are being a tad "too" quiet downstairs, I'd better meander down and see what they're up to...


Lowa said...

What a nice surprise, to see that you posted something on a weekend:)

Glad you are back into the groove of doing what you love! (The writing)

Hope the kids weren't up to TOO much naughtiness:)

How is your foot, by the way?? Sucks about the marathon:(

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hi there,
I have to agree with "devon ellington" I like the changes you are proposing. Fantasy is super in my opinion. Why have her grow up, just keep her having a lot of fun and adventure and people like me, when I was a kid will keep coming back for more. I was more of a Nancy Drew and a Hardy Boy person when I was younger. Now it is Harry Potter, although it gets dark sometimes, or some other type of fiction that has a good plot and lots of action.