Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hubby and I have a "don't ask don't tell" policy concerning this blog. He knows I do it, and frankly he's not comfortable I do it, but I assure him that I keep it somewhat anonymous. Of course Hubby informed me the other night that someone, during a phone conversation, brought up something I'd written, and so I would like to appeal to anyone who reads this blog (who converses with my hubby) to PLEASE not mention blog stuff to him! It makes him extremely nervous. It's kind of cute, actually, but he really doesn't like the fact that I blog. Believe it or not he RARELY reads it.

I'd hate to have to stop...


I think I have the duvet problem solved. The duvet we had weighed about 20 pounds WITHOUT the comforter, so I went and got a really lightweight one, and Hubby says it's ok now. Whew.

I'm kind of excited. We're going to the Broncos/Patriots Playoffs Game on Saturday, and I am pumped for it. Although I will say it's much more fun watching from the comfort of our living room, while munching on something, actually being there should be fun too!

I've been dealing with a situation I will simply refer to as The Dilemma as of late, and I think I am coming close to a solution. Or at least I hope I am. I don't like dilemmas. They're uncomfortable and they itch and they bug me until I resolve them. And this one happens to be a WHOPPER of a dilemma, so it's no small feat to resolve it this time. All I can say is UGH.

I haven't added to my library in a while. Been too dang busy. But Hubby is traveling again in the next few weeks, so I should have a few nights I can devote to research and writing.

But for now it's back to Run Around Like Crazy time.

Double UGH.


Lowa said...

Sorry about the hubby being nervous. Mine reads mine (I think) and also has one (even more boring than mine! LOL). I was wondering how your hubby liked his golf clubs and lessons?? I thought that was very creative of you to hide them, take a picture etc etc.

Glad you got the duvet problem solved. You are TOO KIND. It would have taken me forever to take care of that. I hope your hubby realizes what a gem he has:)

Hope The Dilemma get taken care of quickly!!!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hey, tell him not to worry. I have yet to see anything that I would fret over. All of us are just having fun sharing experiences, frustrations (Laura) and joys. My wife doesn't read my blogs but all my children do, in fact they are somewhat reluctant to let me know how they enjoy them for fear I will stop.

Ann said...

Good luck with the dilemma. Hope everything works out soon. Be thinking of you.

Michelle Miles said...

My Hubby decided to start reading mine the day I decided to vent about what an a-hole I thought he was... haha Oh well. Life goes on. And your blog is just fine. He has NOTHING to worry about. ;)