Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mozart!!!

He's a REALLY old guy, I hear. A quarter of a Millenium old! Whew!
Mozart is my absolute favorite. I do everything better (cleaning, writing, etc.) when I listen to Mozart as I do it. Seriously. Try it. I dare you. Mozart is my MAN.

In other news, it's HOT!
Well, it's only supposed to be 51 today, but I'm talking about my current state, and not the weather.
My face feels like it's emanating flames. I switched my morning workout to 7am, because the Cabinet Guy is coming to replace a few cabinet doors at 9:30, which is my normal workout time.
So, I'm cooling off and blogging. Thing One is sitting next to me doing her homework as fast as she can, because she forgot (even though I reminded her...twice) to do it last night.

Hubby is leaving for Salt Lake City on business REALLY early tomorow morning, so we're taking the kids to see Nanny McPhee tonight. I've always adored Emma Thompson. I've heard it's not like Mary Poppins, it's supposedly way "darker," but I'm sure my kids will love it.

I think I'm going to get a TON of writing done tomorrow--a Saturday and it will be just me and the kids. So, I'll take them somewhere fun, run them out, and come home and let them have quiet time and I'll have WRITING time. I can't wait!

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you Monday...



Lowa said...

Sounds like a great plan you have there.

I admire you for actually working out. I really need to, but get too tired when I do get up to do it. So I start with a nice brisk walk outside, to wake me up. By the time I am done that, even if I get up at 5, the kids seem to sense it and wake up, so no time for yoga or weights or pilates. I have to figure something out!

I want to take the kids to Nanny McPhee but they would rather see Cheaper by the Dozen II!?!??! *sigh*

Lara said...

We actually saw CBTD2 over Christmas Break. It's cute. It won't be in theaters much longer!

Lowa said...

Ok good to know. I loved the first one, and want to see the other. But I thought Nanny McPhee looked GREAT!

Is it as good as I think it is?? I adore Emma also.

Michelle Miles said...

THAT'S Emma Thompson?? Who knew! Have fun with the kiddos. :)