Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Go Broncos!!!

So the Big Game is this weekend in Denver. Hubby might just have to go to it for work, but I'll be watching on the TV.

Some bad news: My quest for participation in the Denver Marathon might be sidelined for now. I think I might have a bone spur in my heel. It really sucks. It's been bugging me for about six months, and now it hurts when I run on it, and in the mornings when I wake up, OUCH. I literally hobble until I get my slippers on. NOT GOOD. I guess I need to get it checked out at the doctor. FUN.

Made cranberry scones with lemon curd this morning--the kids inhaled them with their oatmeal. YUM. I love having World Market so close by. They have the best scone mixes. Just add water. My kind of mix.

All the kids are in school this morning, so I think I'm going to run to the mall by myself. I need some new makeup and I actually enjoy going to the mall when it isn't Christmas. Then it's back to organizing my house. I have two more holdouts: my walk-in closet (which currenly you can barely STEP into let alone walk) and the kids playroom. Once I get those two organized, my entire house will be done and it will be MUCH easier to maintain, thus giving me the time I need to write. Although I still hate the fact that I have to clean SIX bathrooms. I scheduled three one day, and three the next, otherwise I think I would run away. I've never liked cleaning bathrooms. Especially after I have had tons of family staying with us. For obvious reasons. ICK.

Well, time to "guide" the kiddos in getting dressed! Have a good day all!


Lowa said...

Hope your foot gets better! That sounds painful.

SIX bathrooms!??! Hubby has often talked of a HUGE house and many bathrooms. I asked if HE was going to clean them?? He was quiet after that.

Soon your kids can help clean them. My 13 and 10 year olds have been cleaning bathrooms for a good 3 or 4 years now. Start slowly showing them a few things at a time. My 5 and 6 year olds unload the dishwasher (after I take out the knives) fold laundry, and dust.

Enlist some help! If you haven't already, that is. Especially since it sounds like you have a gigantic house:)

Michelle Miles said...

Eek - hope your foot gets better soon. And YIKES on the six bathrooms. My hubby is in Denver this week, btw. ;)

Ann said...

Ouch! Hope your foot feels better!