Monday, January 09, 2006

The Duvet Dilemma...

I recently received the go-ahead to splurge on a feather bed and down comforter with duvet for our master bedroom. I figured, heck, why not? Those winter nights can get chilly here.

Of course the very DAY I bought the down comforter and duvet, the temperature climbed into the near 70's. So, finally, we got a break in the weather (as in it became BUTT cold again) and I gleefully made up our nice new bed.

That night, Aaahhh, bliss. Snuggled into warm puffy softness, with the comforting weight of the duvet, I melted into my bed and was in Snoozeville faster than you could spell N-a-r-c-o-l-e-p-s-y.

Of course, at 2am, Hubby sat straight up, threw the duvet off the bed and announced that he was SUFFOCATING and HOTTER than (rhymes with bell) and woke me, quite rudely, I think, from a deep sleep.

I guess I forgot that Hubby's body temperature is slightly higher than mine, since he's always hot and I'm always cold. I told him cheekily he was welcome to sleep naked with no sheets, but he didn't appreciate that comment. He wanted the comforter to our set back on the bed, but I had to explain that it was very expensive, and he wasn't supposed to actually sleep with it, or it would get ruined and worn out too quickly, but that concept seemed beyond his Man's Brain.

So, my dilemma is, what do I do with the down comforter and duvet? I love them, but he hates them. Major Buyer's Remorse on his part. I think we're in for a major tug of war with this one.

What to do, what to do....

In other news, I am very excited that we might be taking our family to London for summer vacation. They have a Harry Potter meets Shakespeare Tour that is eight days, and Hubby found it on the internet, and soon we were all drooling over it. You get to see all the sights of London, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, etc, and all the sites where they film the Harry Potter Movies, then on to Shakespeare's haunts like the Globe Theatre, etc.
I hope we can go. MAN I hope we can go! It's a bit pricey but I am thinking of all the culture our kids will get. (Not to mention I'm a hopeless anglophile and would probably do cartwheels if we made it there!) Fingers are crossed!


Cassaundra said...

Need a nanny? (tee-hee)

Michelle Miles said...

The trip to London sounds wonderful! You should go and take LOTS of pics for those of us left behind (ahem!). ;)

And he regarding the duvet: keep it and get Hubby a fan. LOL! (just kidding, really)