Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Call me Suzy Organized...

It's amazing, the pick-me-up I have achieved just by getting my house and life organized and planning a schedule. Of course my Hubby, ever the pragmatist, informed me that if I last longer than two weeks he'll be mildly shocked.

After I resisted the temptation to whack him upside the head, I explained to him that this was a permanent change I was making, so that I could write and have sanity at the same time. Thankfully he was all for it. (Personally I don't think he cares what I do in my spare time as long as the house doesn't resemble a war zone on steroids when he comes home at night. He works really hard for me and the kids, the least I can do is have a tidy house and dinner ready, you know?)

So I am feeling peppy and liberated and all sorts of things. Although I will say that another Dilemma has cropped up (of Writing-related nature) and I am seeking the opinions of friends before I act on my "first instinct." (By the way, for the Rambling Irishman who reads my blog, I write Young Adult Fiction, Historical fiction and Middle-grade mysteries. I also dabble in picture-books, but only the verbage part--can't draw to save my life. I just stamp.)

Thing Three is having a little buddy over for a playdate this afternoon, so other than entertaining two five year olds for a few hours, I have a pretty uneventful day. I am officially starting The Schedule next week, I figure I need to get everything organized and done before then. I even worked in 45 minute workouts four days a week. I won't do them otherwise.

Well, Thing One is bugging me to play MarioKart with him, so I'd better skedaddle.


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Hey, thanks for the information about your writing. Of course the next question is what titles? I like young adult fiction believe it or not. It keeps me young in a way plus I can recommend good ones to my grandchildren.

Now I am not saying I agree with your husband (the pragmatist)but when my wife tries something of a different nature I too wonder how long. :) Suzy Organized, hmmmmmm.

Lowa said...

Just so you guys know, when we try new schedules etc, some support is really appreciated. It is difficult to figure out how to get done all that we need to get done.

I am forever trying new approaches and I am sure hubby gets tired of hearing about them. BUT COME ON!! A little encouragement really helps:)