Wednesday, January 01, 2014

OMG It's 2014...

...and a time for New Year's Resolutions. I separated mine out into categories. Personal, Spiritual, Home/Family and Writing. I do love the beginning of a new year, so bright with promise, and the allure of a fresh start is always welcome.

I also get on my yearly "organization kick." I sat down and detailed a 4-week "Home Organization Challenge" and I'm going to stick to it. So, by February 1, my entire house will be organized. (Not including storage areas and garages, that will be for February, haha, I am, after all, ONE person!)

I love new beginnings. I love fresh starts. I loathe all the work that goes into them, but it pays off in the end.

And yes, one of my goals is to post on this blog at least a couple times a week. Because I've had it for way too long to let it die. I know I only have about six people even paying attention to it, and that's fine. The blog is more for me, anyway. ;-) I like living with the illusion that people actually are interested in my life, aside from my family members. ;-)

So, happy 2014 to all! Hopefully this year will be better than the last. And more eventful. And more SUCCESSFUL. I am all for that!


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Brenda said...

I'm glad to see you back. Good luck with your resolutions.