Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strange and Weird.

I guess North Carolina isn't immune after all--we NEVER get snow here. None last year, and I think a few days the year before that. My kids don't even own snow boots. Why would they? They'd wear them once, and with four kids, that would be some $$$ for no reason.

It's supposed to snow here tonight, starting around 3. They are saying 6-12 inches. WOW. This never happens. I went to the grocery store and stocked up. (We already are stocked because I do all my grocery shopping for the week on Monday) but I had to get a couple more things of milk and eggs and TP--the basics. The store was CRAZY. People were being all anxious and weird and running around.

We moved here from Wisconsin. This is nothing. We spent the better part of six months SUBMERGED in snow, back in good old Pewaukee. (That's outside of Milwaukee, for those who don't' know.) We even owned not one, but TWO snowblowers. His and Hers. And yes, I'm completely serious.

So, my kids are home early today, and we may possibly have a snow day tomorrow. We are ready. I just hope the power stays on. THAT would be a game changer. I have no desire to be back in the 17th century again! At least we have a gas oven and stovetop and fireplace so we will be ok that way.

This is so strange and weird, but everyone all over the country is dealing with a lot of Strange and Weird, weather lately.

I'm not an expert, but I'm wondering where Global Warming fits into all this? ;-)

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