Monday, January 27, 2014

Because I like to Cheat...

...but not in the way you think. I mean when it comes to cooking and baking. I will be honest, I am not a chef. I can't whip up stuff out of my head and not bother with cookbooks, etc.. I don't like to experiment. I like tried and true stuff, where I know it will turn out if I follow the recipe and I know how long it will take.

And yes, I sometimes DON'T (gasp) make things from scratch.

Let's take Cinnamon Rolls, for instance. My family likes them. They love it when I make the dough from scratch and roll them out and roll them up and bake them, and my recipe yeilds like a thousand rolls. But it also takes HOURS to make them, so why would I want to get up that early on a Saturday morning? So, behold, the CANNED CINNAMON ROLLS:
My family loves these, too. And I love them, because they take 25 minutes, start to finish. But, there's a small problem with them:

It comes in that little teeeny tub at the end of the tube, and when you frost the cinnamon rolls, what do you get? CRUSTY EDGES:
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See how there isn't much icing? I don't like crusty edges. I like the icing to cover the whole roll, and make it SOFT. So, I've devised a "cheat" for canned cinnamon rolls. It's simple. All you need ( I have a family of six so this cheat is for two cans) is a tub of vanilla frosting, a small bowl and a spoon:
Nuke the two little containers of icing (that means put them in the microwave) for ten seconds. This will make them nice and soft. Take 2/3 cup of the vanilla frosting, and mix it with the little tubs.
See? You suddenly have twice as much!

Bake the rolls as you normally would, then use the frosting on them. And look ma, no dry edges!!!
 Now you're probably saying "But what about the leftover frosting in the tub?" Well, the answer is simple. Most tub frostings last 30 days in the refrigerator. So, take a sharpie and write on the tub
 the date 30 days from the day you use it:
This gives you 30 days to either use it for cinnamon rolls again, or all the other things you use frosting for. And you know to throw it out if it's past the date. 

I know this seems dumb to some of you, but honestly, I like little "cheats." They make things better! So, once in a while (when it comes to preparing food, of course) there's no harm in a little cheating!


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