Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Epiphany. BIG TIME.

I sat in my car this morning, waiting at a stoplight, and had the hugest realization ever. I was lamenting how busy I am and how nothing seems to get done and how I was feeling overwhelmed, etc. etc. etc.

I realized, that 99.99999% of my problems, stem from my inability to budget my time. Pure and simple.

I've never been a "scheduler." I've never been one to sit down and plan out my day, unless I knew I had 8069574 things I needed to do in a short time frame. I prefer a more "relaxed" schedule.

Unfortunately, with a husband who works all the time and four active kids, a "relaxed" schedule simply isn't possible.

If I budgeted my time, I'd have time to work out. Time to write. Time to clean the house. Time to spend with Hubby and kids. I look at all these moms who seem to have it all together AND they have time to do things like make scratch meals or run in mini-marathons. Why can't that be me?

WHY is exactly my problem. I need to stop wondering WHY, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I need to have a cleaning schedule. A master schedule with all the kids sports games, practices and appointments on it. And I need to sit myself down every night, and spend 15 minutes planning out the next day.

Theoretically, I should have time to do what I call the BIG FIVE: Working out, Housecleaning, Writing, Hubby/Kid time, and Learning something new/me time.

I was lamenting this to my friend, and her response? "Me too. I should run to Target and buy a planner. But I really want to just take a nap." Which pretty much sums it all up.

Time to make some changes!!!


Brenda said...

No! DO NOT plan every minute of your day. It will only stress you out more when you don't accomplish what you said you would.

Instead, pick one or two big things you NEED to get done on any given day and then just see what happens. Do what you want to do instead of doing what you have written down.

You'll find you'll be more productive and you won't be nearly as tense and stressed out.

diamondc said...

I try to budget my time but cannot always seem to get it done so I just go with the flow.
I do have a cleaning schedule for sure or else I would be stitching more in a messy home, plus a full time job keeps me busy i donot have a regular 8 hour day it is more like 10-16 hour days so a cleaning schedule is needed.
I have a me time a couple times a week just for sanity sake.


Lara said...

Good advice. I don't intend to "plan every minute" I only do that on days where I have so much to cram into them, I have to. On other days I'll have "guidelines." Too much structure makes my skin itch. ;-)