Thursday, January 09, 2014

Nothing like a Fresh Start.

January is always a weird month for me. I go from "Merry Christmas-Let's-put-bows-and-garland-and-lights-on-EVERYTHING," to "Christmas-is-over-get-it-all-down-and-leave-no-trace-as-if-it-never-happened-as-soon-as-possible" mode.

A complete 180, if you will. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays. They are my favorite time of year. So festive, so fun, so full of good cheer and good will toward men, etc. etc. But when it's over, and I take all the decorations down and pack them away, I do love the feeling of a more clean, open, less cluttered house. It gets me in Organization Mode, and I feel the need to dejunk, my house, my life, and other things. January is motivating. A fresh start, a new phase. I always begin each year with a great attitude and lots of good intentions.

THEN...about halfway through the year I start to panic, because I realize half the year is gone, and I haven't accomplished what I wanted to as far as I wanted to. By the time October rolls around, and we get in the full swing of the Trifecta of Holidays some people call HallowThankfulmas, I throw up my hands and commit to enjoying the holidays and making a fresh start at the new year.

Wash rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Maybe THIS year, I should actually venture out of my comfort zone, and put myself out there more. I am what you might call a dichotomy. I am a writer, and I love to write, but I am especially lazy when it comes to self-promotion (it annoys me when other people do it excessively, so why would I do that to others?). So I don't. And I won't get very far with that attitude. Let's be real, I haven't.

I've also noticed over the years I've invited people over less, been more focused on my own family than branching out a little. Granted, in winter, everyone can be a bit of a hermit, but it's good to get out.

So, this year, I want to "get out there." Not a lot, just a little. Just more than I usually do. Because change is good. I'd like to think it is.

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