Thursday, May 19, 2011

SPAM Texts????

This world has officially gone to pot. My cell phone number, the privacy of which I protect quite viciously, has started receiving "texts"--from no one I know, telling me about certain promotions and Canadian Pharmecuticals, etc. Just three or four, but still, WTH???

TEXTS. Yes, for some reason, this really frosts my cookies. It isn't enough that I clean 100+ spam messages out of my junk mail every day (some of them with titles that make me cringe) and sometimes a pop-up or two escapes my computer's pop up blocker program, but to have TEXTS on my personal cell phone number, well, that officially feels like an invasion of privacy.

I've stopped giving it out, unless there really is a need. I mean, how annoying is that?

Last day of EOGs.  My kids are feeling good and only a "tad" nervous. I told them we'd have a yummy dessert and celebrate tonight, because they deserve it. I mean, UGH.

Hubby is out of town until Sunday, and my own parents are flying in, to stay for a week. It will be nice to have them here, and the kids are still at the age where they get "excited" the grandparents are coming. ;-)

Time to run around! I managed 1000 words at the carpool yesterday while waiting for the kids, and I am pretty impressed with myself. I wonder if I can repeat that today?


Devon Ellington said...

You can blame your cell phone company. Not only is Verizon, my own carrier, spamming me via text, they've sold my number to other spammers, although I'm on the Do Not Call List.

You can block up to 5 numbers online by going into the online account and listing them, and then you have to rotate the numbers when it fills up.

There's also a form to fill out for the FCC, but mail it, because it never goes through online.

Cassaundra said...

I do this every year and I don't get any spam.

Wish Dan and I were coming up too!